Writer/Director: Nigel Edwards

Producers: Sky Morfopoulos, Nigel Edwards,
Devan Francis, Matthew Reichel, Sunny Hahm

Executive Producers: Rob Merilees, Rob LaBelle
Co-Produced: Matt Drake, Michael Roh

En route to an international competition, Closing The Gap follows the North Korean men’s hockey team as they strive to bring home gold for Marshal Kim Jong Un.

While their commitment and dedication to their training is unmatched, they’re hard pressed to catch a break. Whether it be the UN sanctions on North Korea, or the flurry of injuries and rumours that plague the DPRK team, this film is a window into the lives of a group of underdog athletes. With the weight of their country’s history and reputation on their shoulders, they struggle to seek that which we all seek — self-worth.

Unlike any other film produced on North Korea, Closing The Gap is a lyrical composition which hybridizes elements of sport documentary (Last Chance U) with real-time, changing perspectives (White Helmets). The result is an honest portrayal of what these athletes feel and experience as they foray into the wider world beyond the DPRK.

In what is the first recorded account of North Korea allowing foreigners access to any sports club, this intimate look reveals blissful subtleties of character from a regime not conducive to individuality.

World Premiere - Whistler Film Festival 2019
International Premiere - Korean American Film Festival New York 2021 (KAFFNY)